Rhino takes a long time to start

Since a couple of service release candidates (6.6) Rhino takes at least 20 seconds to start on two different computers. I see the popup of the the license dialog flash on the screen very briefly, then… nothing. (license is in the cloud zoo). Checking in TaskManager during that time, I also do not see a Rhino process. After about 20-25 seconds or so, I finally get the splash screen, Rhino also appears in TaskManager, and it finally starts loading…

This never happened before, Rhino always started up showing the splash screen almost instantly… Just installed the latest 6.7 RC, nothing changed.

I don’t want to lay blame falsely, but is this in any way related to Rhino account license checking?


Hi Mitch,

here version 6.6 starts in 6 seconds without problems. My NFR license is installed local.



Try running rhino with a -stopwatch parameter (similar to how you would run -nosplash). I mark a bunch of start events in Rhino and their times and print the results to the command prompt. If you paste the results here, I may be able to help drill in on what is taking so long.