Rhino 7 Rotate (tumble) only Pan in Perspective View

In the middle of a project Rotate with the mouse stops in Perspective view, gets stuck in Pan. Tried various fixes including opening a second fresh Rhino 7, where rotate works. Only saving my work and closing the project works for me, but then I lose going back in history when reopened. This has happened rarely but is annoying when it does. Does anyone have a cure without saving and closing. …Windows 10 latest Rhino 7

When your Perspective view gets super close to a Plan view, it will lock onto panning.
Probably the easiest way off the lock is to press and hold Ctrl+Shift, then Right-mouse rotate the view.
Once you are off the plan lock, it will rotate normally without Ctrl+Shift.

Any luck?

Thank you… I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t figure out. Glad to know the reason

We don’t hear about this very often.
The most common is when users try to run Rhino with only a single viewport, and run the Plan command to get a good Top view display.

Nae bother.