Rhino 7 properties not saving


I have a really annoying issue which is that every single setting in File–>Properties is not saving (they reset to whatever they were before everytime I restart Rhino 7).

It doesn’t reset these settings to default, because there is still some my own settings persisting (like launch options, DeveloperSettings file paths). But apparently something has happened in past few days because I’m unable to add any other properties/settings without them being erased every time I restart.

Hi Aatu -
So, if you change Rhino Options -> Files -> Autosave -> Save every x minutes to something different than what it is now, exit and relaunch Rhino, this setting will have changed back to the original value?

Hi Wim

Changing save intervals actually does persist after relaunching. Are some of these settings “global” (applied always) and some project specific (so they work only on .3dm file where you specify them)?

I had a bad path in GrasshopperDeveloperSettings, but I managed to get rid of it by deleting grasshopper_kernel_xml and relaunching, which created a new .xml and then I could add a correct path.

So I’m not still sure is this issue resolved, but atleast I got it partially fixed.

Hi Aatu -

All settings under “Document Properties” are saved in the file. All settings under “Rhino Options” are global.

If you are running into something Grasshopper-related, please start a new thread under the “Grasshopper” category.

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