Rhino 7 problem with linear measuring tool

Hi everyone:
Im stuck on this one … I inported a file resized sized it fine but my linear measuring tool is not same scale … The custome unit is grey and the only difference i can find is that causing problem ?

First what is the project unit? And what is the Annotation Style Unit? I’m 100% sure this is a mismatch between the model units and the annotation units.

It was metric i selected file and
i changed it to inches & .001
File changed but still messures crazy
Is the custom unit part of what your thinking ?

You can change the units in the Distance command, if i’m understanding the problem correctly.

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I gave it a shot. . no luck … What is distance command ? Ive only changed under units


there is Linear dimension (that draws a dimension between 2 points)
and There is Distance Command that reports the distance between 2 points on the command prompt.

Yes thats what im having problems with . my files and units correct except for custom units (see pics) i think thats problem and i dont know how to change that – its grayed out.
worst case i have to copy and past to a new file , that seems to work

First Question, are you using the Distance Command? or Linear Dimension?
If you are using Linear Dimension, What is the annotation Style you have?
you can post your file here so we can help you as well.

Its linear and .001 im not home i can post file later

Special Body 408.3dm (1.3 MB)

say 408 in stead of 15.00 or there abouts

as expected, your annotation style set to millimeters, see below:

Changing the Linear Dimension Units to “Model Units” will get you the result in inches which is below:

Thank you very very much … I will try and change in morning… Im self taught and the learning curv it steep especially the 3 d stuff .

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You’re welcome, and Yes people here are willing to help you learn more.

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