Dimension Annotation Style setup

How can I set my units so that they read as meters when making Linear (or other) Dimensions. i.e. 32 cm will read as 0.32

Dimensions in Rhino belong to named Annotation styles.
You can add new styles or modify existing ones so they produce dimensions that look like you want. The file Unit system is involved in the setup.

Options > Annotation Styles is where they live in the 3dm file.
If the dimensions will be printed from the Model or from a Layout also come into play.

Here’s a link to a good Layout Tutorial that should get you aimed in the right direction:

I found all that but I can not get the units / dimensions to read as meters, they only come out as centimeters. I have tried all the choices. If the object is 95 cm it reads 95.00 and I need it to read 0.95 m or 195 cm I need to read 1.95 m

(Attachment PastedGraphic-15.tiff is missing)

Can you post a simple file that has this problem please?