Distance tool issue - is it a bug?


I have decided to split my huge file in 3 different ones - context / proposal / materials. Weirdly enough, the distance tool is not working anymore - as in if I measure something, it’s just showing full numbers - like 1, 12, 57 etc whereas in the “mother file” I could have measured 1.2, 12.8798, 57.6895 etc.
FYI - I use the same units and tolerances in all files.
Also something weird is that when I measure a tiny detail is showing me distance 0. Has anybody had similar issues? Trying to track the issue down, but could not find anything helpful online so I decided to post here. Hope it’s not inappropriate.
Any suggestions or hints will be greatly appreciated,
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Rhino Options -> Units -> Model -> Distance display controls the resolution shown in the Distance command.


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Dear Sam,

Thank you very much, sorted!

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