Rhino 7 PC - Dimension Problems on existing layouts

Attached are two screenshots of a big problem I am happening on some of my layouts, not all.

Essentially the layout in Rhino 7 has incorrect dimensions but they read fine in Rhino 6.

In the following s’shot dimension I have a custom dimension setting I use and the dimension is incorrect.
Inside the red circle, the layout opened and read 1 5/16" (33.5) in red…it should be 14 1/2" (367.6). The dimension style is the same! Inside the same circle, the 13-13/16" dimension is correct and came in that way. What is going on???

In the second screenshot, the same issue is happening. This is a different dimension style. Some models they are unchanged in 7 but in other models the same dimensions style is changed and now I have to re dimension quite a bit.

I do notice something interesting - the incorrect dimension is the actual scaled size on paper rather than the true to life size. So it seems to do with the pick points and how they differ in 7 vs 6.

Hi Clint -

Before I got to the bottom of your post, I was going to suggest that the dimension might be in paper space lengths and units.

I haven’t noticed a difference between Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 in this regard.
I’m not sure if you are saying that the exact same file, when opened in Rhino 6 and Rhino 7, shows different dimensions? If that is the case, I suppose a developer might be able to figure out what’s going on if they were able to take a look at that file.

thanks for the reply.

Indeed, the same layout when opened in v7 shows the incorrect dims while the same file opened in v6 shows the correct units.

Hi Clint -

Can you please post a simple file that behaves like that?

Not sure how I can do that…if I save the file the incorrect units are saved.
The following file is a snippet of the file that when opened in V6 shows the correct dims and when opened in V7 shows the incorrect dims.
The one attached clearly shows the incorrect dims. I would need to send the original files to you directly (rather than post here) for you to see what I am seeing…McNeel-test-Dim-problem-saveasV7.3dm (4.3 MB)

So I cannot reproduce the glitch.
So I will just scale the incorrect dims in the dimensions properties.

Hi Clint - my guess of the moment is that the dims may have been snapped to existing dimensions and not to geometry in the detail - is that possible, or do they look always correct initially?

@CCBB - the forum is public - if that is not a public file, edit your post and remove it or shout and I can do that - posting here is fine and encouraged, just make sure not to post anything confidential - send those to tech@mcneel.com with a link back to the discourse topic if one exists, in your comments.
Meantime, can you send us a version that looks correct opened in V6 and not in 7?


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the reply. I thought the same - that the dims were snapping to dimension end points - except the issue is happening in places where I do not have multiple dimensions as well. I am having to go through all my layouts and scale them or redo the dimensions. When I redo the dimensions, I do have to hide the ones made already so that they are not causing the scale issue…V6 did not have this problem…it seemed to not get confused when there were multiple dimensions.

Now I will rescale dims to read correct in V7 and in V8 I will have to undo all this…every upgrade has days of rework for me it seems.

EDITED to add: Will send you guys a file back channel, thanks

Hi @pascal
How is it going about this dimensioning issue?
I am experiencing this as well. Quotes are scaled to layout rather than model.
Do you need other test files?

Hi Luca -

If you could post a simple file here, that would be helpful, yes.

Ok, trying to isolate it on a smaller file.
40Mb file and confidential stuff.
Just tried on latest 8 WIP and it is happening there as well

Please find file attached

Bad Dimension.3dm (407.4 KB)

Luca, Looks like it is a scale issue like for me. I have had to go into all the effected dimensions and scale them by the paper scale used on the layout to read correctly. BIG head ache as I have 100s of layouts with dims. Not all my models have the issue, seems like older models are worse off than newer.

Thanks, Luca.
On that layout, I selected the details and the lower “6” dimension and hide all other objects. I then placed a new dimension, snapping to - what appears to be - the same locations on the yellow object (using the Quad snap) and the rectangle (but here using the Point snap and snapping to the arrow on the “6” - and object that is on the layout). That gives me 149.6:


Do you have steps that I can use to make that read 6 instead of 149.6?

Hi @wim
I got what is going on with my file:
Dimension are scaled to Layout rather than Model when they are snapped to objects on two different layouts.
Please see video linked here

Just tested with @CCBB file and I am getting right dimensions if I quote within the same detail view. If the dimension is between two detail view distance is related to Layout.
Don’t know then if the two issues are related then.

Hi Luca -

Thanks for digging deeper. Yes, that will create dimensions in layout units. I suppose that’s expected behavior.

Ok, this makes sense

Thank You!

I am really surprised that more people aren’t having the issues I am with dimensions in Rhino 7.
Unfortunately, I have to scale up the ones that show incorrectly so that they read the true size vs the paper scale size.
It seems to be worse in my older models. The models I have made more recently in Rhino 6 seem to be OK.
But it has lead to a lot of headache and lost time.
I make a huge number of layouts in each model which get turned into the 11x17 boats plans…100s of layouts with many dimensions.

RH-65605 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 12 Release Candidate