Layout / Dimension shortcomings

I would like to do my dimensioning in the Layout view, which is IMHO the correct / cleaner way of doing this. Unfortunately Rhino can be a pain to work with sometimes. In this example I dared to change the scale after doing some dimensioning…

P.S: the red WIP is part of my drawing and does just indicate it´s current status, no reference to the Rhino WIP version here…

hi @walther thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve reported RH-72038 Dimensions get misaligned when scaling a layout

In the meantime, see if the AlignDims script I made can be of temporary help.

Edit: Looking at this more closely, I think you are using Near object snap for the dimension positions, is this correct? When I use distinct snap points (e.g. end, mid) the dimensions stay aligned.

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