Rhino 7 mac - File not opening

Hi I have Rhino 7 - working on a Macbook Pro 2022 . I was working on the model at 5pm, saved and closed it. When you to pen it again at 6pm and it is not loading, i get stuck at the colour wheel. Any advice?

HI Bushra,

Please open a blank Rhino file and Run the SystemInfo command and post the results. Thanks

Will the file import into a blank file?

Is the file located on your harddrive or elsewhere?

Hi Japhy, Please find results attached.

That helps, but running the SystemInfo command in Rhino will give us a more complete picture. Thanks

How do I do this in Rhino?

Rhino systems ifo.txt (4.56 KB)

Thanks, nothing outstanding in the SystemInfo.

Is this on a particlar file? Can you post it here?

if its large or needs to remain private zip the file and upload here, please add a link to this thread in the comments. Thanks

sent - https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/x44moynwnl0c9ei5vaj6q/BARZAN-TOWERS-SITE-LC-PROPOSAL.3dm?rlkey=d35tbdps2u1b7jgknvctl4sag&dl=0

Also here.

Many thanks

Thanks i was able to open it. There were a bunch of missing textures mapped to an apparent cloud drive.

There is also some badobjects (use the SelBadObjects to identify)


Inserting the old file into a new one should work for you as well, try creating a new file with one view in wireframe and use the insert command.

The cloud drive is my dropbox folder - is this an issue to open files from an online dropbox server?

I didn’t understand your last email. I can’t open the old file so i can’t copy it into a new file. I need to open the old file first. How do i open the old file?

Try disabling the internet and opening your file (to test dropbox connectivity)

Open a new file and import your file.

Do you have any more information about what specifically is a wrong with the file?
It is just an issue with the textures? What is the issue with the textures. I still need to get to the bottom of teh problem so that I can continue to work with the file. I have rebuilt the model several times and every time I have an issue opening the file.
Can you do an online consultation type of call on Zoom?
Many thanks,


Here is a guide on fixing bad objects.


The file opening slow or not at all may be due to the connectivity of the cloud resources. Did you try opening without the cloud connection or moving those assets locally?