Can't open a file on rhino 7

I was working a rhino file yesterday and it started crushing. When i forced quit rhino the file was loading for a long time and didn’t open finally. Can anyone help ? I have a macbook pro 2019 and i recently bought it.

Hello - please try typing this command (even though it looks like there is no place to type) while Rhino is trying to open that file:


Does that allow the file to open?


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No I typed it and still not opening :confused:

You did press Enter after typing testCloseLoadingWindow?

yes and it looks like it will open but its not

Hi - can you post that file here?

i cant upload it here it says error uploading file

any other way through email or something ? is that possible ?

@fdamianou , you can upload using our uploader: . @wim will get a notification when the upload has completed.

Hi - that file opens fine here on both Windows and Mac. On my old MacBook Air, it takes a bit over 20 minutes to open. On my Windows laptop, it takes a bit under 10 minutes.

The thing with this file is that it is saved with the viewport in a technical display mode. The display meshes for these modes are not saved in the file because it would make files a lot bigger. At any point when you open a file and want to put it in a technical display mode, the display meshes need to be recalculated. You have a few objects in that file that are perforated with lots of holes and it can take a long time to create the display meshes for these.

I have saved the file with all viewports in the wireframe display mode and cleared all display meshes. This should now open fine on your machine. (16.9 MB)

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Also, if you ever think a display mode may be the problem you could always _Import the 3dm into an empty, new file. That will skip the technical calculation.

thanks a lot for help