Rhino 7 is referencing R6 licence

R7 Commercial used on second machine asks for R6 licence from Cloud Zoo:

And acquires both R6 and R7 licences:

And then has forgotten it got them if you close and reopen R7 on the same machine without any intervening use on another machine, asking for the R6 licence again.

@jeremy5 what happens if you click No? Are you or were you running the WIP on this computer shortly before installing Rhino 7?

Also, if it’s not too much of a bother, can you explain to me in more detail what you mean by:

And then has forgotten it got them if you close and reopen R7 on the same machine without any intervening use on another machine, asking for the R6 license again.


@aj1, If I click No, R7 opens without fuss and under notifications i see:

If I close R7 and reopen it I no longer get the licence dialogue, so it looks like clicking No has cured it.

Yes, I was running the R7 Beta (and a dujour build at that, to do some testing with Nathan).

Simply that each time I opened R7 I got the R6 licence dialogue, whereas normally you only get a licence dialogue the first time you open Rhino on a new machine (until you transfer the licence back to the other machine, of course).

But as stated above, the No click has fixed that.

Thanks for letting me know! The Rhino WIP and Rhino 7 share the same underlying Cloud Zoo settings files, so under some edge cases this can happen. Clicking no should fix it (And you should only need to do it once, unless one keeps running the WIP and Rhino 7 interchangeably).

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Hi @aj1,

Two more things: another R6 licence reference in R7 and a cloud zoo licence transfer that seems to have happened even when I said No to continue here:

This morning I went back to the other machine and launched Rhino 7. It did the normal “Your licence is in use on…” dialogue for R7 and I clicked Yes and continued. For interest I checked the notifications and I am getting one related to my R6 licence as well as R7:

I checked the machine we fixed yesterday and both dialogue and notifications are R7 only.

I came back to this machine and I at the R7 dialogue I tried selecting No, and Rhino cancelled as expected. On restarting it, I did not get the dialogue again, suggesting the licence had transferred even though I selected No.

I checked Notifications and the same pair of R6 and R7 notifications were there, so there doesn’t appear to be a way to remove the R6 reference here, like we did on the other machine. Shifting the R6 licence between machines in R6 doesn’t affect the notification in R7.

As far as I can tell, the R6 notification doesn’t impact the use of R7 in any way (although I wonder what will happen in 19 days), so it is just a minor irritation.

I had R7 Beta running on this machine but uninstalled it before installing R7. I have several plugins that have migrated to R7, including Maxwell.


Hi @jeremy5,

First of all thank you for sharing these items with me. Before I go on I will confirm your suspicion that this is a glitch that won’t affect your V7 licensing status, so there’s no need to panic – but it can be irritating.

I’ve created a bug scheduled for 7.1 to fix this.

In the meantime, could you please try the following on the machine that is nagging you about Rhino 6?

  1. Run the Logout command in Rhino. This will close all Rhinos.
  2. Start Rhino 7 once again. You will be asked to login.
  3. Are you still nagged about Rhino 6?

Hi @aj1,

No, after the logout / login the R6 notification has gone.

Thanks for sorting it out.

Thank you for reporting it! Ideally it would not require our input, so we’ll get this fixed in 7.1 so that others don’t have to deal with it.

RH-61479 is fixed in the latest Service Release

Andrés: An overlapping question please: I have upgraded from Mac Rhino 5 to Mac Rhino 7. In between, I tried Rhino 6 for three months without upgrading to six. The Rhino 6 install is still there in demo, non-Save form.

Six is on an internal drive and seven is on an external drive.

Q: Can a Rhino 7 Licence be used to make demo Rhino 6 fully operable please?

Hi Clive, no, a Rhino 7 upgrade will not enable or include Rhino 6. You would be able to use your existing Rhino 5 Mac with the Rhino 7 upgrade.

OK, thanks for the prompt reply.

Just to complete the picture, if a Rhino 6 user buys a full Rhino 7 license instead of an upgrade will he/she then be able to use either (or both)? Or will the 7 install disable the 6 installation?

As posted in another thread, I have the upgrade to R7 and can use R5, R6 and R7.
If your R6 user has a licence, then buys a full R7 licence, they will have two licences and will be able to use both versions simultaneously - including use on two separate machines simultaneously.

I guess I forgot that post. I assume you are using a Zoo to serve your licenses?
@brian: How will things work for a user who is running offline with standalone licenses?

If your upgrades on the same machine are V5>V6>V7, then you should have no problem. It’s still one license, if you have several machines you need to keep track of which license keys are associated as upgrades - as once you upgrade one, you can no longer use it to upgrade a second time with a different license - which is totally logical.

There are several topics in this thread:
A) Does an upgrade from Rhino 5 to Rhino 7 allow me to use Rhino 6?
B) Can I use multiple versions of Rhino on the same computer when I upgrade?

I’ll answer them both, first with a description of how licensing works.

Rhino is licensed per seat. Each license lets you run one seat of Rhino. Upgrades enables the running of newer versions of Rhino by that single seat. This means that an R60 upgraded to R70U is a single seat that can be used to run Rhino 6 or Rhino 7.

Now for the questions:

A) Does an upgrade from Rhino 5 to Rhino 7 allow me to use Rhino 6?

B) Can I use multiple versions of Rhino on the same computer when I upgrade?
Yes. Upgrades let you use newer versions of Rhino. It doesn’t disable the old ones. So, whether you license in the Zoo, Cloud Zoo, or Standalone - you can use the license to run any of the licensed versions of Rhino at the same time on the same computer.

@AlW customer with Rhino 6 can upgrade to Rhino 7 and use both versions on the same computer. It will not disable the Rhino 6 installation. Likewise, if they own Rhino 6 and buy a new full Rhino 7 (not an upgrade), it will not disable the Rhino 6 installation.

I plan to upgrade to Rhino 7 soon but until then is there another fix for this…? I keep getting asked if I want to run Rhino on my desktop because it was running on another machine today and it happens over and over again. That said there is a change I left my laptop on with Rhino open at home and I’ll check that tonight.


Rhino Was not running on the laptop at the house…Answering No just closes Rhino for me.