[BUG?] Cloud Zoo claims license is in use elsewhere


I have a license for Rhino 6 (also using Rhino 7 Beta) that I use on both windows and mac.

In the last few weeks I have started receiving messages in the windows machine saying that the license is / was in use on the mac. It then procceed to retrieve the license from cloud zoo.


The problem is that the mac has been turned off and not in use for a while.
Is this a bug? Perhaps I have something set incorrectly somewhere?

I am using the latest Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 Beta on both machines
6.30.20288.16411, 14/10/2020
7.0.20301.12003, 10/27/2020

Hi -

Yes, that’s a bug. You should be able to fix that by answering No there. There might be some remaining things going on after that but all of that should be fixed in Rhino 7.1.
See the following thread for a discussion about this issue: