Rhino 7 is referencing R6 licence

Hi Brian -
Have you tried running the Rhino Logout command and then restarting?

Just did same results…


Hi @bwheeler this issue should now be fixed. Please try again.

Thank You it seems to be fixed now.


Presumably there is no value in keeping the Rhino 6 demo on my machine if it won’t save. Would I be safe to delete the R-6 demo from 12 months ago in order to save space?

I wouldn’t want to do that if it also got rid of any other files essential for 5 or 7.

(I could simply bin the main demo application or, I could use the Uninstaller function of CleanMyMac X)



@clivecarter You might want to start a new topic in the Rhino Rhino for Mac category. This thread is Rhino for Windows.

@clivecarter yes, you may delete the Rhino 6 eval from your computer. Your Rhino 5 and 6 models will open in Rhino 7.

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Thanks for your reply; I should have made clear that—rather than 3dm files created by Rhino—I meant (any) ancillary files needed by the main application and possibly common to two or more versions.

The kind of small files that are removed by utilities offering to perform a full uninstall, the kind of which I expect are common or similar between Mac and Windows.

For installation on a Windows machine the usual recommendation is to use uninstaller which is intergrate with Rhino rather than a third party uninstaller.