Rhino 7 is referencing R6 licence

Hi Brian -
Have you tried running the Rhino Logout command and then restarting?

Just did same results…


Hi @bwheeler this issue should now be fixed. Please try again.

Thank You it seems to be fixed now.


Presumably there is no value in keeping the Rhino 6 demo on my machine if it won’t save. Would I be safe to delete the R-6 demo from 12 months ago in order to save space?

I wouldn’t want to do that if it also got rid of any other files essential for 5 or 7.

(I could simply bin the main demo application or, I could use the Uninstaller function of CleanMyMac X)



@clivecarter You might want to start a new topic in the Rhino Rhino for Mac category. This thread is Rhino for Windows.

@clivecarter yes, you may delete the Rhino 6 eval from your computer. Your Rhino 5 and 6 models will open in Rhino 7.