Rhino 7 Cycle Anisotropic

I am trying to create a watch dial with sunburst effect, the rendering is weird, and I cannot find a way to apply texture properly.

anisotropic.3dm (238.9 KB)


Hello - it looks like the render mesh is too coarse to get a good effect -

try setting a custom render mesh for the object:

ClearAllMeshes after changing the mesh settings, then go back to Rayrtaced mode.


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The rendering was improved after changed the render mesh setting, but the “segments” still visible.

And how to apply texture on Physically based material?

Hi @hungwai.lim
I had a bunch of stereo knobs to do which were very similar. I too faced the problem of images on the anisotropic shader. Instead I placed 3d objects since I could make bitmaps of those if I wanted latter but turned out I didn’t need to.

In the attached file I show a way to get the mapping to show the clock face not sure if it’s correct.
I deleted your image file from the anisotropic slot that gets rid of the artifacts you were seeing.
Applied another mapping channel using cylindrical mapping
In the material added a base color map and set clockface as a bitmap, make sure you select map channel 2 in the bitmap texture settings. You can check mapping by selecting the object and also the material it’s using. Maybe someone knows better settings or you might come across better settings playing with these.

But I found the rendering to be bland and not as good as pure anisotropic without the extra mapping. Also it seems there is a bug in that adding the extra mapping channel really slows the rendering down.

I also added a 3d clock face with the objects sitting on the clock base so when rendering one can use the anisotropic shaded object only if that works for you.
See attached file

anisotropic_02.3dm (556.9 KB)

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HI, Thanks for the file. How do you delete the texture in the anisotropic slot?
I am trying to reproduce the result, but I failed to map the texture correctly, I change the setting sames as your file, but not work. How do you move the texture?