Anamorphose render

Continuing the discussion with @DavidEranen and @nathanletwory from Is this kind of planar mapping possible?:

As I explained earlier, the goal is to map a texture so it’s planar from a point of view, but independent of the camera, to produce renderings like that:

I checked how it behaves in the new Beta and it’s as buggy as ever.
Using the same file as before, the results have not improved (still using spherical mapping with “Ray” projection). The Rendered style viewport is almost correct but Raytraced and Render are weird.
Rendered viewport:

Raytraced viewport:

Rhino render:

Can I expect some improvements soon?


Indeed no work was done yet on this. The same YT item still stands

Ok, thanks

@Marc - this probably will not help for your purposes but I’ll mention it just in case - I made a script that projects curves in this way… I’ll see if I can dig it up if you think that might be helpful.


pascal’s bag of scripts should be part of rhino V6 or perhaps V7?

Hi Pascal,
If there’s no other way when I’ll have to do this again, yes please.
But it’s still a lot more work than it should, I will have to split all the objects (it can go to near a thousand) and apply different materials.

Hi Marc - here you go…

ProjectPersp.rvb (4.8 KB)

Unzip, then drag and drop the rvb onto Rhino for

ProjectPersp (I think this gets the curves you want)


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Thanks Pascal, it works great for this part of the job!