Rhino 7 crash

Hi all, I recently upgraded to rhino 7 for Mac.
all seemed fine at first but then when I started working it started glitching on opening and crashing for the most silly things.

example of odd opening:

  • when opening any rhino 5 it opens the notice window (about saving onto 7 or exporting as 5) 3 times!! the same window.
  • some heavier file didn’t open at the first try. they eventually opened at the 4th or 5th attempt.
  • some opened with odd partial geometry, opened them again and were fine.
  • units messed up. I opened a new inches template and was automatically set to microns, and couldn’t change it.

example of crashing:
-first time it crashed when I asked to zoom onto the extens (there where maybe 50 lines and no model in the file, so very light)
-second time I opened a file (not mine) that had an extra camera set: perspective, top,front,side+an other perspective. this last perspective was also opened in a second window (automatically when opening the file). If I close that window, rhino crashes.

this is far too many glitches to be normal…
Anyone can help?
shall I reinstall it, or can I install 6 having a 7 upgrade (from 5)?
Or don’t know… is it a Mac problem? I am on Big Sur.

any help is appreciated.
Thank you

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I just realised that the notice window about the file being r5 and not r7 appeared 3 times because the file opened 3 windows:
-the full rhino window
-the added window with that additional perspective view only
-and a double window for the same additional perspective view

Hi Irene,

send here your SystemInfo. In Rhino, you type the command SystemInfo (or _SystemInfo if you’re not running in English) and press enter.



Thank you for looking into this.
file attached.

Ire_SystemInfo.txt (5.4 KB)

Hi Irene,

I would:

  1. update Rhino 7 to the latest Service Release (7.1.20329.13011, 24.11.2020)
  2. wait for an graphics card expert, who can say more about your Intel graphics card, and how to upgrade drivers for it. I have no clue with these macies.

Good luck


thank you Michael

by the way, I have tried exporting the model into a new file that came up with the same error, and then tryied copying onto a new file and that seemed to have solved the weird 2nd and 3rd windows that caused this specific crash.
which means, for the moment I can work, which is good.
maybe that was a weird file (that all my colleagues can work on just fine??) but still doesn’t explain all the other glitches though. especially the crashing while zooming.

I’ll look into those upgrade in the meantime.
thank you

Hi Irene - is the problem you report connected to one particular file? If so, please send it to etch@mcneel.com.


Hello Pascal,
unfortunately I cannot upload any file (work policy).
I don’t believe the problem is related to this file but I can’t be sure.
the glitches happened with other files as well. maybe they increased with this particular one because heavier. I’ve simplified/purged/copied the file and now it seems ok. it’s not crashing anymore although not running completely smoothly. but I can work with that.

I will keep an eye open and keep you posted if it happens again with other files.
thank you all for your time for the moment.

Hello, I am having similar issues with 7.2 under macOS Catalina. It happens for instance when following a simple starter tutorial and trying to undo deleting a inserted picture frame when there are no other objects created yet.

Hello Maggat.
I have noticed that the problem is not exclusively related to rhino but also to some other sofwares that I downloaded after upgrading the operating system (affinity photo and a gaming software), therefore they are also the latest versions available.

Now… I don’t know much about computers but I wonder if it could be a graphic card problem as Michael Meyer suggested.
Unfortunately with covid situation I don’t have access to IT support so I can’t confirm it but it’s clear that the problem is not isolated to rhino so for the moment I am assuming that rhino is fine, my computer is not.

It could make sense that, if you have also recently upgraded from an old operating system I assume you don’t have a brand new machine, even if the operating system supports rhino 7 the hardware is not up to the task.

I am just speculating… will let you know when I actually get somebody to look at it.

as per rhino, sometimes it seems to crash over very simple tasks such as what you mentioned, some days it works fine. I worked over the past week on a very heavy file. 2 days with no problems, one day it crashed about 10-15 times, then yesterday it was fine again. it seems to get worse if I try to do something…anything, like selecting an object… while is autosaving. I don’t have a clock that tells me how many seconds away from autosave I am so I just have to take the chances.

Sometimes it jumps the view down as I am trying to select an object, sometimes it breaks objects (both meshes and polysurfaces) stretching few points away in the distance and attaching to unselectable giant prisms… in that case I’ve noticed that as soon as you moved the object the glitch/distrorsion disappears as if it’s refreshed. so when that happens I just move it by a set distance and move it back.

Sometimes it breaks the viewport windows area into… a mixed up jigsaw puzzle… sometimes it turns everything green or black…

fun times :slight_smile: