Rhino 7 Crashing every time I open a template or 3dm

I’m on an old (2012) MacBook Pro and I just updated to the most recent Rhino 7 version. Rhino was running fine before but now it crashes as soon as I try to open a file or template. Normally my instinct would be to update the OS but as the 2012 MacBooks got left behind on Catalina, that’s not an option. I’ve already sent the crash report. Any way to fix this?

Hi Yannick - does it work to go back to 7.11?


I haven’t tried… How would I do that?

There was a recent update to Catalina that was published by Apple in the last few weeks that is known to crash Rhino. We have let Apple know about this and they are working on a fix.

I re-downloaded 7.11 via your link but it’s still crashing.

Okay good to hear. Hopefully the fix comes soon!

Hi Yannick -

Until then, if you revert that latest Catalina update, Rhino will continue to work as before.