Rhino 7 bugs massively and can not be closed

My rhino 7 takes ages to open files normally but now it won’t even start. My MacBook says Rhino 7 is not responding but I can’t force it to terminate like you usually can do with all programs and when I try to restart my whole MacBook it tells me that the restart failed because rhino 7 cannot be closed. Pleaaaase help, I need to finish an assignment for uni and can’t work on it now.

You may have a solution to this by now but I wanted to ask for more details if you still need help. What macOS are you using and what service release of Rhino 7? If Rhino 7 is open, use the command SystemInfo to get all the info we need to see. I have never run into Force Quit not working but my guess is that something Rhino is currently trying to do is causing the issue. A sample file would be good to see along with your system info. See Rhino - Upload to Support if the file is too large to post here.

One last thing to try based on your description of slow Open times is to use Import into a new blank file instead of Open. If this works, please provide the info I asked for still as there may be something we can still change in Rhino.