Can't open any file nor start new file after opening certain file

After open a certain file, the Rhino couldn’t open any other file nor starting any new file.
A great bug report includes:

  1. Each step you perform to reproduce the problem:
    Open a certain file.

  2. What happened after:
    Rhino couldn’t open that file and pop out the window for asking to send the crush to Technical Support Team. And After that, rhino couldn’t function anymore.

  3. What you wish happened instead:
    Open the file.

  4. A model that demonstrates the problem.

  5. A screenshot of the problem.

(screenshot edited out)

  1. A description of your hardware and Rhino version:
    2.4GHz 8 Intel Core i9 Macbook Pro

  2. Does this problem happen with every model, or just a certain model? If the problem is with just some models, we will need a copy of your model to duplicate the problem.

I think it only happens after I open one certain file, but it would influence the software and couldn’t work with any file at all after that. And I tried to restart the computer, reinstall the Rhino several times, reinstall the Mac system. The same problem happens again. It only functions back to normal after I formatted the whole disk and reinstall the system. And it works well with other file at the beginning, but after I opened that certain file, the same problem happened again. Guess I need to go through the whole process again to set it back and don’t touch that file before finding out what’s wrong with it. The file is 130MB so I couldn’t upload here.

Thanks for anyone who spent time for reading this. Sorry for the missing of the detail information is too long for the body limitation in this forum. Wonder how I could upload it.

You can upload to tech support using our uploader tool Rhino - Upload to Support . Please paste the link to this topic in the comments section of the uploader tool. When tomorrow tech is online again they’ll address your issue.

Thank you for the rapid reply.

You might also consider editing your original post with the splashscreen image and blacking out the serial number as a safety precaution…