Rhino Lockup Problem on ARM

The longer I run Rhino the longer it takes to open a file or create a new file. Eventually it gets to the point where Rhino becomes entirely unresponsive.

I then have to kill Rhino.

With some regularity, Rhino gets into a state where the OS thinks it is running (ie has the dot below the Rhino icon in the dock) but Rhino is not running (ie not visible in task manager).

At that point I have to reboot to run Rhino.

How long is long? I have had both Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 WIP open on my M1 for a couple of hours with multiple documents open (including your model that took ~15 minutes to open before that got fixed), and I’m not seeing a slow down or lockup.

Anything particular you are doing that is causing the lockups?

Long is probably a couple of hours. I suspect going into sleep mode exacerbates the problem. I just got into the problem again here:

I found a solution:

  1. Go to Activity Monitor
  2. Do “Quit” on RhinoMontior
  3. Do “Quit” on Dock
    Dock goes away and comes back.
    “Quit” has been sufficient. I don’t know of “Force Quit” would cause problems.

Then you can run RHino again