Rhino 7 Bug - Scaling tool on gumball periodically not working

There is a bug which is really frustrating, and made me go back to Rhino 6 for now.

When trying to use gumball to scale1d (grab the little square and pull), this often does not work on rhino 7, if there it is far away, or there is too much “material” between the square and your cursor.

I saved the same file, with the same view in rhino 6, and rhino 7, and the issue does not appear on Rhino 6. Is this believed to be a bug, or a setting?

Thank you on advance,


210602_Bug_RHINO_6.3dm (606.7 KB)
210602_Bug_RHINO_7.3dm (606.7 KB)

Hi Dennis -
I had no problems scaling that object 1D with the gumball here on Rhino 7:
2021-06-02 Scale1D Gumball

Can you describe how it is failing - perhaps that might give a clue on which setting is getting in the way…

This is happening to me too. I can’t imagine how Dennis could’ve described it any better. Please don’t go the way of Autodesk and avoid fixing bugs by posing follow up questions that can’t be answered. Just fix it. Gumball worked flawlessly in Rhino 6. How can it possibly get worse? Gumball is a key element of how I justify having a Rhino license in my office. It’s Rhino’s #1 advantage over Revit in the SD stage of design.

Hi, for some reason my Gumball in R7 doesnt work - i can grab any handle i want, but upon release it acts as a “cancel” rather than “ok.”

Did I miss some setting somewhere? It’s on the latest version, 7.11.21285.13001, 2021-10-12, file independent.


EDIT: oh, i found it. By turning off the Rhino.Options.Mouse.EnableSelectedObjectDrag I also disabled my Gumball. It’s a shame that when I turn off the dragging the gumball is affected too. I keep the dragging off because more often I want to select stuff than to move it…