Gumball dragging instead of scaling

Hi i’m busy working on a project, yet all of a sudden the gumball will not resize smaller objects. Large objects are fine however. If I try to click on a handle it just drags the object.

Hi Richard

Can you insert here a .3dm file that has this issue?


Hi Richard - is the gumball centered on the center of the objects when this happens? Can you post an example?


Here we go. If you try to resize the squares at the top they only drag. Plus the gumball won’t align to the object and the shading is off.

here is the file, only the squares as its too big otherwisegumball.3dm (2.3 MB)

Example of the odd rendering. Any solids don’t render correctly, however if you explode them they do.

Hi Richard - select all these objects and run RefreshShade. Any better?
Or are the objects far from the World origin? The numbers in the status bar look pretty dang large, Moving your whole model closer to the world origin will sort things out, I’d bet.


Thank you fixed!