Gumball scale handle inconsistent scale


So I have been running into this issue on rare occations, but I think it is worth mentioning. It usually happens while working on a project that I have spent many many hours on - like the longer I work on the file, the bigger the chance this happens. I doesn’t make sense, but that is the connection I currently have.

Sometimes the scale handle on the gumball becomes so large when zoomed in, that it completely covers large areas of the viewport making it impossible to click and drag, select or otherwise interact with covered objects in the viewport.

Here is a picture:

At this point the behavior of the scale handle is really buggy - just by turning the camera around changes it’s size from this:

to this:

Can anyone help with this issue?

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Can you please provide a file and specific steps to follow to repeat the problem?
It seems to have something to do with your modeling viewport perspective settings.

It happens quite often with my Rhino 7 since years, mostly while selecting long but narrow objects (or a bunch of sub-objects in a row) that cause the Gumball to spread one of its handle arms really long while the rest handles remain short. Does not happen on objects with relatively even bounding box, so I think that the issue comes from the bounding box being too long in one direction but short in the other direction. At certain angles the scale handle disappears completely, making it impossible to scale the selection. :slight_smile:

Here is a video with the same issue which I recorded yesterday but forgot to upload earlier. The object is less than 2 meters long.

Hi Bobi - I believe this is not the same as what the user shows above - I cannot reproduce what you show here, so far.

  • @Jacob_Thuesen - when you see this, can you please hold that view, turn on the camera (F6) and look, in another view at the camera - take a screen shot of how that looks and post it here? You can also save the model at that view, call out the selection (or make a named selection) so we can see what it is, and send to with a link back here to this topic in your comments.