Bug Gumball (scaling operation)

(Rhino 7 - Service Release 6)
I think the gumball scaling doesn’t work well, as can be seen from the video (on the one hand it works, activates, on the other hand it doesn’t).

Check it out for you.
Bug Gumball .rar (15.4 MB)

I have seen this myself, yet have not been able to reproduce it reliably.

Can you repeat this consistently?

It works intermittently.
When you rotate the view, it happens that one of the two handles does not work … it is not easy to describe this defect.

I try to show it to you with another video:

Similar situation with gumball here.

It seems to be related to zoom level.
If I’m zoomed out far enough then gumball misbehaves.

Clicking on the scale squares causes a move.
Clicking on the planar move grid square deselects it.


No similar behaviour observed here till now.

Rhino7 for Mac

Rodolfo Santos