Rhino 7: bug list

hey guys,

i found some pretty annoying bugs in the current version of rhino 7:

  • layout content disappearing
  • chrash while moving vertices
  • history notifications without history activated
  • new dimension attached to previous one
  • dimension styles not showing up in set current annotation style roll out
  • crash after changing linetype scale
  • printdisplay changes permanently to off
  • curve offset not working
  • import layout is importing all layers from the drawing and additional blocks

thank you, still my favorite software out there! <3


Hi Ben - examples of these would be best if you can - a couple that I can, maybe, address here:

Most likely this is related to moving dimensions, is that correct? Dimensions have history recorded by default.

The command has a Continue option that may be set to Yes, depending on how you activate the command.


Can you run SystemInfo in Rhino and Copy/Paste the results here?

This command is not sticky and, as far as I recall, never has been, between files or between sessions. Maybe it could or should be but it is not…


But you could at least add it to the startup commands to Rhino when opening a new instance of Rhino. However this does not transfer when opening a new file in the same instance. I have a macro to toggle PrintDisplay with an alias pd:

! _PrintDisplay _State _Toggle _Color=_Display _LayoutLinetypes=_Off _Enter
(modify the options as needed)

  • but it also has a small bug relative to layouts - if I run the macro while in model space, it tells me LayoutLinetypes is an unknown command. If I am in a layout, it works.
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I was going to suggest that but it seems to reset per file as well.


Yep, that’s why I have the macro/alias.

Hey Pascal, Helvetesaur,

thank you for your fast answers.

yes, you are right.

nope, i was really concentrating while reproducing this one. had to restart rhino.

i personally prefer this one to be sticky. :slight_smile: printdisplay resets all the time. if your are printing alot of stuff for a presentation or something this is pretty annoying.
@ Helvetosaur: i am absolutly not into macros and stuff, its not fitting into my small brain. for me that’s just another source of error.


Yeah, I understand. Unfortunately Rhino’s command line structure is built around macros - if you open up some of the toolbar buttons in the button editor you will see that - so a little knowledge of macros, even if you don’t make them yourself, is very helpful to understand how Rhino works with command line options.


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hey Helvetosaur,

i will give it a try. :slight_smile: