Rhino BETA 12-Dec-2017 Available

Download Rhino BETA now!

What is BETA? We’re not adding any new features, nor are we making significant changes to the UI. We’re also done breaking the APIs, so plug-ins written for this Beta will work in the commercial release of Rhino 6.

For the next few builds, we’ll be wrapping up documentation, localization, and working with our third-party developers to get their plug-ins ported to Rhino 6.

New this week:


  • Menu: Add UpdatePlugins command to menu (RH-42842)


  • Print: RhinoCore!CRhinoPrintInfo::DisplayAttributes – Access Denied (RH-42050)


  • Annotation: Add RTF parsing support for \bullet (RH-42914)
  • Annotation: Leader: Leader created with Python script not selectable (RH-42865)
  • Annotation: Text: V6 text not round-tripping to V5 (RH-42957)
  • Core Architecture: Memory leak in Rhino 6: ON_Font::Internal_SetFontDescription opennurbs_font.cpp Line 2813 (RH-42455)
  • Core bugs: Track down memory leaks in Rhino 6.0 (RH-42444)
  • Display: Making a copy of a Technical viewport creates some kind of ghosted residual background (RH-42911)
  • Display: OpenGL 3.3: When core profile is enabled, Rendered mode has ghosting issues. (RH-36343)
  • File IO:
    • Hook up OpenDesign 4.03.01 (RH-41635)
    • Problem converting wrapped text from V5. (RH-42825)
  • GhostedViewport: World icon off causes artifact in ghosted mode (RH-42635)
  • Grasshopper: Distinguish Offset and Offset Loose (RH-42725)
  • Help: Raytraced display mode Help should indicate where the mode can be controlled other then the Display panel (RH-42667)
  • Insert: Dialog does not allow scale factors < 1 (RH-42746)
  • Installer: Tile uses WIP image (RH-42786)
  • Licensing and Validation: Credentials expired flow confusing (RH-42217)
  • Localization:
    • Length command prompts in English (RH-42256)
    • NetworkSrf command > Surface From Curve Network dialog - title gets truncated (RH-42757)
    • Rhino incorrectly sets locale ID to 1033, causing downstream problems (RH-42826)
    • Some strings in Licensing dialog are in English, and the dialog needs resizing (RH-42804)
  • Make2D: Too many materials (RH-42848)
  • OpenNURBS: ONX_Model Write function fails with big files (RH-42943)
  • Patch: Unsafe cancel (RH-42942)
  • Rendering: Realtime SDK: Different mappings used in Raytraced degradation mode (RH-42783)
  • SDK:
    • C++ SDK Gumball example request (RH-37372)
    • Why is CRhRdkMaterialUISection_MFC::GetMaterialList deprecated? (RH-42699)
  • SDK: RhinoScript: DocumentData is not saved (RH-42888)
  • TextObject:
    • Default font for TextObject doesn’t work (RH-42899)
    • Single-stroke fonts broken (RH-42828)
  • What: Should report Nurbs forms of circles and arcs (RH-34846)


  • IncrementalSave: Naming problem (RH-42621)
  • Toolbar: Drag Strength icon is not anti-aliased (RH-42705)

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