Happy Rhino 6 is finally out. Is Rhino WIP/Beta version is dead now?

Very happy, Rhino 6 is released, but planning to upgrade next month. I am at middle of a project with mega size grasshopper definition in Rhino Beta.
Now I am not able to get license for Rhino Beta.
Is Rhino Beta is dead?
Do I need to buy license just now to continue with my work in Rhino Beta ?
Because Rhino Beta is asking for Rhino 6 License. Can I use Rhino Beta for one more month without upgrading to Rhino 6?

Please let me know. I am stuck with an important task to be finished in grasshopper. Grasshopper custom plugins I have made does not work in Rhino 5. So, I literally have no way to go back to Rhino 5.

You can get the Rhino 6 evaluation, that’ll give you 90 days before you have to get a license.