Rhino 7.17 cannot read this STEP file

Rhino 7.17 hangs up when I try to open this file: https://terra-1-g.djicdn.com/b20074248eff4b7f957d0f1a5ab29253/M300RTK_3D_Model.stp

The file size is 298MB.

Hello- there are 34 million entities, I expect it will take some time, step is a text format after all too. I am still wating…


And if you’re elected to join surfaces it will take even longer

That too…

On my Mac I can see continuous progress update, though, so that helps


(this is with joining of surfaces disabled)

And after ~5 minutes without the joining

Yeah, on windows it starts off with that but stops reporting after a while - however it does open.


Maybe something to report? The Mac progress was active all the way until the end.

Yep, I will see if I can repeat.


After the hang-up, Bongo plugin stopped working and Rhino displayed following error messages:

Did anyone who just imported this file get a correct looking closed polysurface propeller blade?

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