Trouble loading Bongo

When I start Rhino Rhino 7.18, I see this error message:

bongo error chinese

I have installed Bongo 3 long time ago. PlugInManager (shown below) shows Bongo 3, but does not show Bongo 2. I cannot use any version of Bongo. I have re-installed Bongo 2 and rebooted my laptop, but the PlugInManager still does not show Bongo 2. When I display CommandHistory, I see strange, hard to read font - It seems that Rhino cannot find normal font.

I tried to use BongoVersionSwitch.exe to force Rhino to use Bongo 2, but the switch does not work.

bongo error switch

Hi Andrew,

A new release of Bongo 3 came out recently. Your old one has expired and you need to install the latest.

See Bongo plugin load error on Rhino start up


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I have deleted Bongo 3 and its folders. It fixed the problem. Is Bongo 3 usable?

As a beta, yes.