Rhino 6 WIP will not run at all now

I haven’t been able to use the WIP for months on my laptop because I constantly get the “WIP is expired, download a new one” message.

After downloading the latest WIP it will not run (can’t tell if it actually installs) but crashes immediately.

I’ve carefully gone through the “Manually uninstalling Rhino 5” instructions in the Wiki (but for 6 obvs)

I have Win10 on the laptop, the WIP has run well in the past and it runs on another Win10 machine perfectly.

What’s next?



I have a laptop showing the same after it was upgraded to Win 10. @brian will need to weigh in on this when he’s back in the office after the holidays. As soon as I know the fix I’ll pass it on…

Happening here as well. I have been sending the crash reports, as suggested in another post.

I did get to install an update from the one that was crashing like this, before the holidays. This new build is 6.0.15349.15421. The one on here before yesterdays install was downloaded 27 Nov 2015 # - 6.0.15328.11091

Cheers, Randy

Any progress on this problem? Would it help if I stopped by the office with my laptop?


@brian Are you aware of this?

Hi Eric,

Sorry, I thought you might be in contact with the other @brian after we started that private message thread. He’ll need to help more on this one I think.

I think this was fixed very recently:

Hi John, that link doesn’t work for me, but I guess this fix is not in the latest download yet?


I sent you a message.