Last WIP build problem


I download the latest WIP build rhino_en-us_6.0.14252.11241 and the install is Ok.
When I launch Rhino appears a message “Unable to load default render plug-in” and Rhino shut down
Ciao Vittorio

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

FWIW, I get that message too on Rhino 5 SR9, but no problems loading Rhino. The message may be unrelated to the problem.


The complete message is :

Autosave in my Rhino V5 is Ok



Just loaded the most recent on my laptop and I am getting the same result as Vittorio. On the other hand, the same build on my desktop that I installed last week is running. The difference might be that I installed the one on my laptop after the previous WIP had expired… --Mitch

(Wim Dekeyser) #5

I’m wondering if this is the same as @Willem and myself are experiencing except that over here Rhino disappears in a split second and I don’t get a chance to see any echo to the command line… How long do you have before Rhino goes down?


Hi Wim
3-4 second


About 2 seconds here

(Wim Dekeyser) #8



New install (no previous WIP) here on my home workstation is no problem… --Mitch

(Brian Gillespie) #10

I’m working on this code right now, but I didn’t realize it was so broken.

Rhino thinks that the build you have is expired. Are you running a shortcut you created, or one the installer created?

I noticed that, for some reason, my current WIP is installed in C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5\System.

Can you see if the Rhino.exe in that directory has this version number: 6.0.14252.11241

I wonder if you’ve somehow got two different Rhino WIPs on your machine?


Hi Brian
Rhino.exe is in right position like the attached picture.
Ciao Vittorio