WIP start problems

New to this forum so excuse me if posted this on the wrong place. Installed the WIP and it will not start in W7, tried to install on my Surface with W10, and it says “´Can not run this app on this computer” Have I missed something??
Really keen on seing what V6 looks like!!


Hi Patrik - do you have Administrator privileges on this machine? Is Rhino 5 installed as well?


Yes I have admin rights on both computers. Rhino 5 installed on both.

Best Regards
Patrik Sundblom

R5 runs with zoo on both PCs and I installed WIP version as standalone on W7 pc, maybe that`s something causing trouble??

After restarting both computers WIP starts on both W7 and W10 PC. Had a warning from antivirus at installation, maybe that`s what caused it. Works now.

OK, great, thanks for letting us know…