Rhino 6 Toolbar Position Memory

I organize the toolbars the way I want. But after restarting Rhino, all scramble. Toolbars change positions again after every restart of Rhino.

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I wish I could lock the command prompt window on top of the tabbed panels.:sob:

If I position sidebar and MRU Toolbar vertically, there is no problem. But when I dock them horizontally on top, they scramble.

Currently, I would not dock multiple toolbars (including the command line) side-by side (end-to end?) on the top or bottom, that whole part of the toolbar code is buggy and you will never know what position they will open in.


Thank you Mitch.
Actually, docking them side-by-side is ok if there is only one row (see that last screenshot).
But if I dock a second row, then toolbars go crazy.
You know, every pixel is important for some of us :slight_smile: When I place sidebar and MRU toolbar vertically, half of the vertical space is lost at the bottom.
I would really like to see a floating and dynamic toolbar in V7, like the one in Fusion360.

That may be true, I have my command line on the bottom plus two short docked toolbars, but I also have a another long one docked above that (i.e. 2 rows on the bottom). Those are the ones that move. All the rest stay put.

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