Rhino 6 Toolbar Position Memory


(Ufuk Bircan Özkan) #1

I organize the toolbars the way I want. But after restarting Rhino, all scramble. Toolbars change positions again after every restart of Rhino.


I wish I could lock the command prompt window on top of the tabbed panels.:sob:

(Ufuk Bircan Özkan) #3

If I position sidebar and MRU Toolbar vertically, there is no problem. But when I dock them horizontally on top, they scramble.


Currently, I would not dock multiple toolbars (including the command line) side-by side (end-to end?) on the top or bottom, that whole part of the toolbar code is buggy and you will never know what position they will open in.


(Ufuk Bircan Özkan) #5

Thank you Mitch.
Actually, docking them side-by-side is ok if there is only one row (see that last screenshot).
But if I dock a second row, then toolbars go crazy.
You know, every pixel is important for some of us :slight_smile: When I place sidebar and MRU toolbar vertically, half of the vertical space is lost at the bottom.
I would really like to see a floating and dynamic toolbar in V7, like the one in Fusion360.


That may be true, I have my command line on the bottom plus two short docked toolbars, but I also have a another long one docked above that (i.e. 2 rows on the bottom). Those are the ones that move. All the rest stay put.