Rhino 6 stalls when trying to update R5 Plug-ins

When I launch Rhino 6 I keep getting the message that Rhino 5 plug-ins may have updates available to run in Rhino 6. At this point the program stalls and I cannot click on anything to continue. I have to force close it.

I have gone through and uninstalled Rhino 5 and looked for anything related to Rhino 5 plug-ins. I can run Rhino 6 in safe mode but that is not very helpful.

I am running Windows 10 pro with all updates installed.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Hello - - none of those buttons does anything? Is there another dialog lurking behind another app window?


Pascal, no other window or dialog is visible. Rhino just goes into not responding mode and I either have to wait (which I have, and nothing) or close program.