Rhino 5 Evalutation Not Responding

Whenever I try to open my previous Rhino files the program just crashes and says not responding. I have 55 days left of the evaluation as well. It is a new laptop with an i7 and SSD so it has plenty of power. Can someone help me? If you need more information please just ask.

Do you have any plug-ins loaded? You can start Rhino in safe mode (see the start menu) and if that works, try disabling any third-party plug-ins.

menno is right.
Problems reading plug-in data is the most likely.
In your Rhinoceros 5 Program Group, use one of the two “Safe mode” shortcuts to start Rhino. Safe mode block loading plug-in and OpenGL.
Go into Options > Plug-in and change the list filter to “Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino”.
Disable all of them.
Close and restart Rhino normally (not safe mode).
Rhino should start.
Go back and enable/load the disabled plug-in one at a time until you find the culprit.

Ok it works in safe mode. So how do I get it to work in the regular program? When I try to use it in the regular program it still freezes. Do I disable all plugins? I dont have any 3rd party ones installed only what comes with Rhino.

Both menno and I were very specific as to the instructions.
Please go back and read them again.

If you want the same instructions in a support Web page form with more detail, try this:

OK I apologize. Will give it a shot right now.

No worries. I figured you missed the detail. Maybe I should have numbered the steps