Rhino Mac 6.19 - problem with 3D connexion SpaceMouse

Im having a little issue with my wireless SpaceMouse since I upgraded to V6

When opening a new session (after restart/shut down), I have to unplug/replug the wireless receiver, to get functionality again with the SpaceMouse.

I didnt have any issues like this with V5, and all computer system is the exact same.

I wonder what is causing this issue?

Thanks Hans henrik

I have this too with my older wired spacemouse but I have change computers.

All worked fine on my old Imac with Sierra and Rhino 5, but on my new mac with Mojave I have to unplug and replug (mine isn’t Rhino specific it does it with everything)

I also cannot set shift and alt properly to the side buttons even after re-plugging. Tried re-installing drivers but didn’t help. It all works fine in windows.

I have not had chance to check the 3d connexion forum yet.