Rhino 6 Oneview & Gumball bug?

I’ve downloaded and installed the Rhino 6 Eval and am watching the R6 Earbuds webinar. I have a couple issues and I’m not sure if it’s operator error or something else.

When using Oneview and I snap into a c-plane I use a command and my mouse has a red circle with a slash through it. No commands actually draw on the c-plane and I have to rotate out of the c-plane and back in until I’m able to draw. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries. The upper right of the view that shows what cplane I’m in also disappears after using Oneview for a short while (due to graphics card maybe, looking for updated drivers). I tried to take a screen shot but the mouse pointer doesn’t show so I’m not posting it.

The second issue I’m having is with the Gumball. In the video around 32 minutes Kyle grabs 3 points that are in line horizontally and moves the gumball then scales them vertically. I only have one scale box to scale in Y (or X depending on c-plane) but no scale box for Z. I did verify this happens both in Oneview and in a normal front c-place. It is only an issue with points, normal objects have all scale boxes.

I thought maybe it had to do with my Gumball settings so I looked into my settings and noticed if I right click on the Gumball it shows I’m in snappy dragging (which is how it’s currently functioning) but when I go into the options and under modeling aids it shows I’m in smooth dragging. So I set the gumball drag to snappy and went back to model space and it was now set to smooth dragging which is what it shows if I right click.

Hello - see if OneView is set to ‘ReturnCPlaneToTop’ - I can imagine that might affect the behavior you’re seeing.


Hi @pascal

Yes it is enabled. I changed it to no and it did fix that issue.