Gumball usability issue in latest version

Using the gumball (precisely clicking on the arrows, boxes, arc) of the gumball used to be always quite snappy and reliable.
In the current release, I experience a 1:5 ratio of intended vs unintended interactions.

Example: When I try to move an object with the red arrow, I try to LMB down, drag and drop the arrow. More often than not, I accidentially end up dragging other objects in the surroundings (without the gumball mechanism)

I have the impression that the gumball GUI was more “dominant” over any potential selection/snap in the surroundings.

I hope I have explained the issue clear enough and would be thankful if other users could chime in if they see the same and if McNeel could check if this might be a bug/glitch.

Pls find a video below:

Hi Frank - is the Gumball set to ‘Snappy’ or ‘Smooth’ dragging?



Hi Pascal,

thanks for the swift response.
It was set to smooth, I have just set it to snappy, but do not see immediate improvements.

I hav ethe feeling something is generally wrong with my mouse interaction.
Pls have a look at this video:

Hi Frank - does this happen more when zoomed in very close in a complex scene or any time?


It is a heavy file (1GB) and I am zooming in, yes.

Anticipating your next question :wink: :
Scalewise the file is more on the architectural site, units are millimeters and tolerance are set to 0.001. (An old habit)
The geometry is not exceptionally far from origin.

Do you see a pattern here?

Hi Frank - see if things change if in that view that is not behaving, you change the view projection from (I assume) Perspective to Parallel…?


Ok, I will try that once I will be back at the workstation on monday. Thanks, Pascal!

Hi @pascal,

Unfortunately, I get this strange selection behavior in all kinds of files, including simple ones (20mb ballpark).
Not only for gumball, but also for other picking/selection interactions.

Switching to parallel view projection doesn’t seem to have any effect:

This video was shot in a small file and with parallel.

As you can imagine, this glitch significantly slows me down. Any advise/fix much appreciated.

Hi Frank - can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results?