Rhino 6 Wishlist - Gumball "Align to View" Mode

(jean gorospe) #1

i wish to see Rhino’s gumball to provide a “view” drag option similar to the T-Splines plugin.

currently i have to switch between the t-splines translate tool just so i can use the camera as my drag plane. not so much a problem, but would be nice to just use Rhino’s amazing gumball

currently there’s only c-plane, object, and world, no view mode

does anyone else agree?

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(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Jean - for now, you can sort of do this as a ‘two stage’ workaround with CPlane View and then reset the gumball (in the white ‘bunnytail’ menu.).


(Kyle Houchens) #3

+1 for that suggestion…that’s a winner!



Okay, so let me see if I’m getting this straight. Lets say you like keeping your cplanes exact to the world coordinates. You would like to update the new position in your current view, or your named view or something.
I’m just wondering if I’m understanding the topic correctly.

  1. if you are using world coordinate cplane, and you would like to rotate the gumball in some way or another for a particular object. You would change rotate the cplane to have you(z axis) looking at the object with the new cplane, and where you would like to change the gumball rotation to.
  2. Then while you are in the cplane, click on the gumball manipulator white bubble/circle that has dotted lines, for a menu, where reset gumball is, and choose reset gumball.
  3. Then undo cplane change to get back to wherever you were and like working and the gumball will be in the new position.

Is this what you guys were talking about? I was way off on the bunnytail menu, eventually figured it out.

I am kinda stupid, the name of the thread is align to view. ANywho, the work around is probably the easiest and fastest way to rotate it how you like it, once you learn where it is aligned to an object to be able to know where you like specific parts of the gumball in relation to objects your workin on. Thanks for bringing up the topic Jean. This will help me out, to keep the gumball uniform in where the controls are. It is a powerful tool, and takes some practice to make use of all its solid power.

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(jean gorospe) #5

ok i’ll try to explain

if you have the t-splines plugin… there’s a View Drag Mode. you can translate based on the camera view. it has no relation to the c plane or world orientation. it’s perfect for me to move exactly where i want it to go w/o relying on the XYZ. it relies only on how you are viewing it. the gumball doesn’t rotate when you do.

Rhino only has an object, c plane, and world.

i hope this made sense


This is a good idea. Very useful when setting up a scene for rendering for example.

(Kyle Houchens) #7

there is a “view” dragmode… have you tried that?

type dragmode in the command line, then pick view. now all your translations are relative to the viewport.

may get you what you need-

(Pascal Golay) #8

I like this macro for forcing the gumball for selected objects to the view plane and the center of the view, regardless of where the selected objects are.

_CPlane _View 
_GumballAlignment _CPlane 
_RelocateGumball 0 1,0,0 0,1,0
_CPLane _Previous

And this one to force the gumball to the center of the current view but not change its orientation:

_CPlane _View 
_GumballAlignment _CPlane 
_RelocateGumball 0 _Enter
_CPLane _Previous



Hi Pascal,
Good script! Something like this i think could be good to add in the Gumball settings along with Cplane, Object, World, so it would work without the need of changing the Cplane all the time.

P.S. _CPLane _Previous doesn’t exist in V6.

(Pascal Golay) #10

Right! In V6 it’s

CPlane Undo