Rhino 6 Material Tab Stopping Responding

Does anyone know that why Rhino 6 material tab stops responding.

I tried:
(1) click the material round tab next to layers (no response)
(2) type in materials in the command bar (nothing happens)
(3) go the properties tab (it doesn’t show the normal commands/edits)
(4) restart the computer
(5) uninstall and reinstall rhino 6

Please help. Thank you!

Hello - please look in Options > Plug-ins page - is there an Renderer Development Kit plug in (two actually) Are these enabled? What renderer are you using if not the default Rhino one?

Please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.


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Hi Pascal,

Thank you so much! One of the Renderer plugin was not enabled. I enabled it and the material tab works now!!