Rhino 6 material


I often get that the material preview (the ping pong ball thingy) in the material editor is blinking, like it’s near to crashing or something. The titles (textures, advanced settings…) do the same.

Something definitely buggy there!


here’s what I get:



It also occurs that material settings on a surface just change. Like rhino is near crashing. Display hangs for a while, then material has suddenly changed.

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Are you in need of any Windows updates? I’d be interested if there is a Microsoft .Net one that is on deck or maybe failed. Check the Windows update history in the Windows control panel to check.

Can you also run the command SystemInfo and return the text it reports. Thanks.


There’s another, longer video. Shows how the viewport properties is not visible, appears when I hover my pointer over it.


when I run the Systeminfo command, a black window briefly appears, then vanishes again.


here’s what I have in updates. Windows is up to date. It checked this morning.


Here’s an example of a surface that just changed material. (the chrome -like) It used to be beige.

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Hi Arman,

Regarding the flickering, it looks to me like a timer is repeatedly firing in the RDK which updates the display over and over again. I would need to repeat this in the debugger to find out what’s going on. What is your current renderer set to? Do you remember what you were doing just before the flickering started? Is there something you can do that makes it stop flickering and go back to normal?

When windows disappear and come back as you move the mouse, it often indicates that Windows is running out of system resources. Next time you see this, could you open Task Manager and find Rhino. Have a look at Handles and GDI Objects. You might have to go to View / Select Columns and turn those columns on. I’d be interested to see if the numbers are unusually high.




Hi John, thanks for your assistance,

My current renderer is Rhino.

I was applying a material to some surfaces when it started to flicker.

The only thing I know of that stops it is restarting Rhino.

I fired the achine up this morning, opened my Rhino file, applied a material to the surface like before, and straight away it started doing it again.Checked Rino in the task manager… CPU was at 74% for just Rhino. GPU at 23%. My workstation is brand new and quite powerful too: Dell Precision 7720 with 3.1 Ghz and a Quadro P5000. What I was doing should hardly register I’d say.

Where can I find those handles and GDI objects in the Task manager. Under View/ there’s no option to Select columns. Just expand / collapse.

When I go to Resource manager, under CPU, there are two windows: associated handles and associated modules. Maybe that’s the one? However, nothing is shown in those windows…


Here’s another issue I get: While rotating my model in the viewport, in rendered display mode, the model’s rendering gets ghosty. It only happens when I have a surface (or any object) selected. When nothing is selected and I rotate, nothing is happening. A second video shows that even after rotating, with the model still, the ghost remains.(that is until I deselect the object that was selected)

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Maybe (I hope!) it’s all the result of the same problem.


here’s the link again,


In fact, I’ve noticed that the issue arises only when ground plane is on, and with “show shadow only”. Maybe this is a completely different topic…

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Hi @Arman_Fissette,

Regarding the ghosting issue: Are you using any custom display modes? If you do, could you export the display mode so that we can test it here?



I’m using rendered with some background adaptations. here’s the export:

Rendered.ini (11.3 KB)

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Thanks. I can’t reproduce the ghosting issue with Rendered.ini. Would it be possible for you to send us the model for testing? Use my e-mail david.eranen@mcneel.com.


I believe the flickering can be due to texture baking, so having the model could help diagnose that problem too.



model was sent. make sure you click on the ground plane “on” to see the ghosting.


My workstation is constantly going in to the red. The file is only 11MB in size.

It’s a new machine, two months old. I’ve had dell already change out the power adapter, battery and motherboard because the battery was depleting in 1.5 hours. Now, this makes me think… could it just be that rhino is working so hard that it just sucks my battery dry? I though my workstation had a battery problem, but it might just be a Rhino resource usage problem…

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Hopefully I can find the cause of these issues once I get the model (it hasn’t shown up yet). Did you put my e-mail in the recipient field?



yes, I did