Materials and some Tabs not working proprally

For some reason, I’ve been dealing with some tabs not working, such as the Help and Tutorials tab. They appear blank. Materials not working properly, everything is bugged and showing up as white materials.

Hi Leandro - it seems like you may be working off line, is that correct? Does DownloadLibraryTextures do anytrhing?


hi, thanks for the fast response! I’m connected to the Internet. I’ve written DownloadLibraryTextures on the console, but it seems like rhino can’t access the internet.


Hi Lerandro - please try closing all instances of Rhino and running a Repair on the installation.

Windows Settings > Apps > Installed apps > Rhino 8 > Modify

Then choose repair.

Any better?


Still not working

Hi Leandro - do you have any firewalls or virus protection that can be disabled temporarily?


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wow that worked… disabling the firewall and protection work

but it is ok to let my protection like that ? there is any solution for this ?

Hi Leandro - I’d see if there are firewall settings that allow certain apps through.


by turning on the firewall and protection I’m able to see the tabs and the program is running pretty well. I’m not sure if it is temporary, although I’m really glad for your help. I think for now the problem is solved, I hope you have a great day!