Text Style Will Not Change

In the attached I have extracted text from a Rhino 5 file that was converted to Rhino 6.

The file contains text blocks and several styles. Rhino steadfastly refuses to change the style for any of the text box.

Select a text block
Change the style

Nothing happens.

Select another text block.
Select the first text block. The style is back to what it was before it was “changed.”

What can I do to correct this?

Problem Styles 4.3dm (3.4 MB)

Hi - I’m not seeing that here when I do the following:
I open your file and see 3 text objects in the viewport. They are all using the style called “Default”. This style is using a font that I don’t have on my Mac. In Document Properties, I make a copy of the “Default” style and it gets called “Default 01”. I change the font to “Comic Sans MS” and the height to 16. I then select one of the text objects in the viewport, click on the Style drop-down in the Properties panel and change that from “Default” to “Default 01”. At this point, the text object in the viewport is changed: the font is clearly Comic Sans and the height is clearly bigger than it was before.

What are you doing differently?

  1. Select Text Block (style default)
  2. Change style to Label.
    (Nothing happens)
  3. Select another block.
  4. Select the first back
    (Style goes back to Label)

I have been thinking that something has gotten CFed on my system some how. I have reinstalled Rhino.

Hi @miano, I confirm that it is working here as expected, no problem changing styles but, as Wim, I don’t have that font either, so Rhino automatically changed to Arial. Have you tried with a different font? maybe the problem is just with that specific font you are using…

I’ll try a different font. But I am surprised you folks don’t have Century Schoolbook. That’s pretty commonl