Rhino Text Object

I Miss rhino5’s TextObject command ,

since RH 6 and now also on the RH wip the interface on TextObject command has made a step backward not allowing user to see a real time preview of the result depending on the choose font.

Is it possible to allow a real time updated preview on the rhino TextObject command window when i simply scroll down on the font list ? this would be very useful in order to quiclky vsualize all different results


This is the result of several changes needed to “rich text” tools like italics, bold, etc. that users were demanding.

Hi John and thanks for the explanation .

you are right there are important improvements on this command but i think that to have a real time updated preview is a must . We have a very nice command but we cannot get the best out of it cause of the missing real time preview.

Any chance to see this introduced on some of upcoming WIP ?

many thanks


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No chance I’m aware of. The developers worked very hard on a way to keep that handy side-effect in the new controls, but in the end was not successful.

If the text in the box is selected, then the preview updates. The main reason why all the text in the box doesn’t change preview when not selected is because now different letters can have different styles… It now works like a word processor in that respect.

sorry guys but this the situation :

when i open the font list it cover the text …
not a problem , press enter several times to bring typed text below the font drop down menu , i select the text , i open the drop down list , if i preselect the font style nothing happen …to see the result i need to confirm the font style and close the drop down list and need to do with everyfont…

this is not handy and very time confusing…on rh5 it was enough to press down arrow and preselect the font style to see real time updated preview…way faster and way more efficent.

so far i ended up reinstalling RH5 only to open it only when i need to use textobject command cause i think the ease of use when it comes to quick preview of the textobject command is undeniable.

I hope Mcneel will be somehow able to improve this aspect cause so far the text Object command is usable only when you already know the font style to be used but it turn. If the goal is to generate several preview in order to choose the font style then in my opinion is not usable.

finger crossed in the hope itll be improved soon. thanks


Yes, I agree this is pretty annoying and counterproductive.

The only way I see to avoid this is to move the font dropdown below the preview box…

I’ve created a bug report for this: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-59615

Good evening ,

I am still facing same problem as at the time of writing this post. ( BTW i am using last WIP )

I am driven by need to prepare several different samples for a new logo but i am again slown down by the behavior of the textobjects command in RH WIP.
I miss the RH5 textobjects behavior ,with real time updateding just by sliding over the font list with the up/down arrow heys.

hope this will be restored some day


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Dear All , any news on real time update on the text box when using “TextObject” command.

making evaluations on the different fonts looking has become very inefficient.

please make your best to bring real time update back as it was on RH5 , current behavior is somehow vanifying the command potential

thanks in advance

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