Rhino 6 loadlibrary failed with error 126

Can’t start Rhino 6. Getting Loadlibrary failed with error 126: the specified module could not be found.

Hello -

Start Rhino in Safe Mode: Windows start menu, type in ‘Rhinoceros’ and look for the ‘Rhinoceros in Safe Mode’ entry.
Does that work?


Yes it starts in Safe mode. I updated the video driver and now it fails to start with Error code 87

Hello - this is starting to feel like a Windows problem - it does seem to be, at least sometimes, video driver related from what I can tell - there are various fixes available for that particular error, it seems, I do not know which if any of the ones I found in my quick search will help in your case.


Hi Korgit,
Did you solve it yet, if yes how?
Same problems here

Hi Edward -
Could you run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?

sorry I start in safe mode and when I do systeminfo I get error code 87 and rhino closes it self

What fixed this for me was going into Device Manager and disabling the onboard Video card. In my case, an integrated Intel Video card. Once the Add in Nvidia card was the only enabled graphics card, Rhino started up without a problem. Hope this helps.

here too same fixe, thanks