Rhino 6 Flow along curve rigid=True option not woking properly?

Hi I am new to Rhino and I am currently running an evaluation copy of rhino 6. I have been working my way through the training manual Level 1 pdf (RH50-TM-L1-Sep-2014). Even though the manual is for Rhino 5 I have worked my way through it encountering only minor and easily adjusted differences between the two versions. That is until the very end of the manual in the Transforming solids section with the tutorial about the Flow along curve command.

They have you flow a group of bezels around a circle using the rigid=no and stretch=yes to illustrate that the bezels get distorted. That works fine.

They then have you undo that and redo the command this time with rigid=Yes
to show that the bezel will now follow the curve without being distorted. This does not work as expected for me. The bezel fail to flow around the circle and instead lie in a straight line tangent to the circle

I have been unable to find anything in the help that might give a clue to what is going on. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Hello - yeah… UnGroup those and see if that works better.


Thank you @pascal. That makes sense and indeed was the problem. I got thrown off because the manual says:

To Flow the gems and bezels with Rigid=Yes:
1 From the Transform menu click Flow along Curve.
2 For the Objects to flow, select the group of gems and bezels.
They are a group and will select as one.

Oh well no worries. Thanks.

Hello - yeah, that is misleading, we’ll tune it up- the behavior was changed at some point to respect groups.