Flow along curve and boolean difference together

Hi, I use Rhino for Jewellery Design mostly. When I place stones or other shapes along curve (there might not be perfect round ring) they always get distorted.

And even if I use , for example in a round ring, polar array and then I use bollean difference to cut the holes to set the stones the holes get distorted.

Is there a way to resolve this?



post an example file please.

are you using correct tolerances (template small objects Millimeters) ?_documentProperties -> Units / Tolerance
If you do very small stuff, you might (from beginning of your work) set tolerance even more precise.

did you check all command options for the _flow Command ?
sounds like you need rigid=yes

kind regards -tom

Hi Tom,

thanks for your reply. On the flow command I use Rigid=yes, stretch=no, and preserve structure = yes. And I measure the length of the target curve so that the base curve is exactly the same lenght.

I use small objects millimetres always for jewellery.

still it does not work.

post an example file please.

I have uploaded few examples:

  1. cylinders not round, I did flow along curve, and they became oval
  2. The squares inside the ring became rectangle (also with flow along curce)
    3.the circle with pave, the cuts are no longer round too

cylindersarenotround.3dm (3.1 MB) squarecutsinsidethering.3dm (14.1 MB) justcirclepaveFinal.3dm (1.2 MB)

i only see the result in your file cylindersarenotround.3dm
where is the curve ? - the object to flow along ?
which surfaces to you want to be real cylinders ? wich curves / edges should be planar ? or should be circular ?
(for some of them, i would expect that they should be cones - in respect of a truly, strict, geometrical design)

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The objects to flow are on the top
I tried to have the base curve in different positions with regards to the object to flow (bottom, middle, top) and on the top of the objects distorts less.
I check the seam of the target curve and I put rigid yes, stretch no, and preserve the structure yes

milligrainandrodsv03 (2).3dm (5.7 MB)

but what is the expected result ?
do you want the selected Surface to stay planar ? and circular ?

if you just want a translation not deformation of the objects - there is

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ok, thanks! yes, that is right, I don’t want deformation of the objects to flow. I will try orient on curve. thanks!

orient on curve does not “mould” the objects to the curve? just places them on the curve, right?

Hello - use Flow, with RigidGroups=No and Rigid=Yes. The portion of the inner circle that you have marked off is too short to accommodate the objects at the current scale though.



thanks Pascal, if I do rigid = yes, it is like polar array essentially.?