Flow Along Curve with grouped objects does weird things

Hi All!

In Rhino 6 transferring grouped objects with Flow along curve command with rigid=yes option gives weird result. All objects are transferred by the whole group center not by each center. It wasn’t so in previous versions and I find it very uncomfortable.
What was the point of doing it?
Does anybody know how to change it back as Rhino 5 does?

Here is an illustration.

Hi Dmitry,

I see it here too,=:

With the rigid option set to Yes, a group is considered a rigid entity.

Not a bad new feature, yet the old one where a objects not need to be ungrouped for rigid flowing IMO should be restored. Flow could get a new boolean to respect groups YES/NO


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Hi All - the V7 WIP has a ‘RigidGroups=Yes/No’ command line option.


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Thank you. I still prefer grouping with blocks rather than group command in this case.

Hi, just chiming in to request the option to flow a group of rigid objects without the group itself being a rigid object. I am using Group as a way to select a large group of objects repeatedly and ungrouping makes an easy job very tedious.

I see @pascal’s note about V7, but is there anyway to achieve the old behavior in V6?