Rhino 6 File system error after latest update

Has anyone encountered this problem?

I just update my Rhino 6 to Version 6 SR7 (6.7.18210.11281, 7/29/2018) Commercial and all a sudden I cannot open a file that I have created last week.

The original error message was saying that the file is not a rhino M_archive. I thought maybe I should restart the computer and I did. Now the error message becomes XXX is not a Rhino File. And there is no preview of the file either.

Hi Ryan - can you send us the file? (www.Rhino3d.com/upload). Installing Rhino should not affect any files on disk of course, but I have seen one case where files on a Google Drive had been completely jumbled (nothing to do with Rhino) so that the incorrect extensions were applied to files - files which were in fact jpg had the xml extension, things like that… Also, I noticed GoogleDrive had some kind of update here today… So… just a shot in the dark - is this file in a GoogleDrive folder, or other synced-with -the -cloud folder?