Help! can't save

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Ok, I need help ASAP please. Rhino won’t let me save. Bout to wraop up my day, and just did something in last little bit that I do not want to have to do again. Screencapture attached

Also, can’t PASTE into another file, and can’t ExportSelected

EDIT: I can Export Geometry only. Not fantastic, but a work-around nonetheless

Try Save As to create a copy from your file

Hi Alan - did SaveAs to a new name work?


No, I just had to save geometry only, and lost some stuff.

I tried every permutation of saving, copy/paste, export, save as template - everything. Nothing worked.


Ok, it did it again, now in a different file. I’m vested in RH6 at this point, but I have to tell you, I’m not happy about these pervasive bugs. Please note to anyone reading, I have tried ALL the save-as and export tricks. Just going to lose what I did for last few mins and start over.

Maybe this is a Dropbox thing. I’m going to start migrating everything to computer drives, and hopefully this won’t happen again.

Here’s grabs from this time. First one pops up, I hit ok, and then second one pops up. (even if I try doing the Save-As, the way it tells me)




I had a problem with text files and rhino files few time with google drive,
What i did is that i went to the tray icons, right clicked the google drive
backup and sync and closed it, that allowed me to continue working on my files,
on the google drive’s local folders, saving normally, and when i finish i restart
the program again so it can synchronize my work.
Maybe that will work for you too, even though it’s not the perfect scenario.
You don’t need to move your work to the local drive, just stop the sync temporarily until
you finish.

great, thank you so much, I’ll give it a shot!